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Changing the smartmenus breakpoint for Backdrop CMS

The breakpoint for a Smartmens menu to go from displaying only the hamburger to displaying the whole menu is 768px by default. I had a site where I needed the breakpoint to fall at 1120px instead, here's how I changed it:

I started by copying two CSS files from backdrop core into my theme. The two files were named menu-dropdown.theme.css and menu-toggle.theme.css and are located in the core/modules/system/css/ directory.

Git remotes - Connecting your local site to a remote repository

Working with Git is great, but before you see the real benefits of using Git you'll need to have your project hooked up to a remote repository.

Most people enter the world of Git when they are brought on to a project with multiple developers. In this case, there is likely already an existing repo, and all you need to learn to do is pull the latest changes, and push your own.


Git Basics - getting started on the command line

Tools like Git desktop and Acquia dev desktop allow people to use Git without understanding how it actually works. These tools are a fantastic on-ramp to the world of Git, but at some point I hope that everyone gets a chance to work with Git directly from the command line. This will complete your understanding of what happens when you push those buttons in the desktop applications, and make you better at using both! Here are some basics to get started.


My first theme for Backdrop CMS

I tasked myself with rebuilding my dad's old Durpal 6 site, www.stellarsoftware.com, to Backdrop CMS in one weekend.

I decided to rebuild from scratch rather than upgrade so that I could test more of Backdrop, and catch and fix bugs in the process (I found a handful - all now have PRs in the queue). After the site was built, I then needed to recreate the theme.

The great cleanse: Removing features from Backdrop CMS

Today while documenting all the modules that we've removed from core in Backdrop CMS, I realized that we've also been removing a lot of other cruft that's making the system lean and mean. I'd like to document all that for you here (but mostly for myself, for future reference).

Here's the list of modules that have been removed from core:

Introducing Backdrop CMS, a Drupal fork

I love working with Drupal. I feel fortunate that I found a software and a community where I can work for work, and work for play. It's not everyone who gets to do what they love every day. I get to interact with amazing people from all backgrounds and walks of life, share what I learn, and learn from others. I especially like that this community can often agree to disagree.

Keeping your Drupal site up to date with Git and Drush

I don't recommend trying to stay 100% on top of all updates for all of your modules all the time. However, when a security update becomes available for one of your modules, you should certainly make that update as soon as is reasonable. And while you're at it, that might be a good time to bring everything else up to date as well. Below is my recipe for keeping modules on my Drupal sites up to date, by using two of my favorite development tools, Git and Drush.


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