Why fork Drupal? The philosophy behind Backdrop CMS

Conference, Camp, or DUG: 
Drupal Camp Colorado
Aug 4th, 2018

Backdrop CMS is the Drupal fork. It is a faster and less-complex version of Drupal 7 with more features you want, and fewer you don't.

This session will highlight the Backdrop Mission, it's intended audience, and it's guiding principles.

We'll explain the decision making process, introduce the Project Management Committee, and expand on how the project's direction is set by the needs of the whole community.

We'll cover topics like how we handle Security and Stability, and talk about how we're trying to decrease the cost of long-term website ownership.

We'll include a demonstration so you can see Backdrop CMS in action. Spoiler alert: If you love Drupal, you're likely to love Backdrop CMS, too!






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