Forking Drupal - Backdrop CMS

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Bay Area Drupal Camp
Oct 26th, 2013

As some of you may have heard already, There's a new fork of Drupal called Backdrop CMS.

Though many open source software communities welcome forking, it creates a bit of a stir here in Drupal-land. We'd like point out several ways in which we think this fork will benefit Drupal:

* A comfortable home for Drupal 6/7 developers who may otherwise consider leaving the Drupal community
* A light-weight product for small-scale or low-budget sites that may otherwise consider other platforms
* A safe place to try new things (pull requests, semantic versioning, large team of core committers)
* Almost all ideas for Backdrop improvements can be shared with Drupal (and vice versa)
* We can learn from each other's successes & failures
* Competition drives progress

Forking the software doesn't mean forking the community: so let's talk about ways we can all still work together.

We're coming from a place that may seem familiar to many of you: the love of Drupal. We'll share why this love lead to the belief that a fork was necessary, and what it was about the current direction of core development that could not (or would not) be changed.

If you have questions for the founding forkers, this is your opportunity to ask.






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