Forking Drupal - Backdrop CMS

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Oct 14th, 2013

The Drupal Rewind (okay, call it a Fork): Backdrop

What's the deal with Backdrop CMS, the fork of Drupal?

Many community members have been showing increasing levels of concern with the architectural direction of Drupal 8. Between large-scale conversions, rewritten foundations, multiple external libraries, and the increased level of abstraction, Drupal 8 is shaping up to be the biggest architectural shift in Drupal's history.

Recently, the concern around these changes reached the tipping point, and a fork of Drupal was officially announced, called Backdrop CMS.

Come join the "founding forkers" Nate Haug ("quicksketch") and Jen Lampton ("jenlampton") at SFDUG to have your questions about Backdrop answered.

A fork is a tremendous undertaking, why couldn't Drupal 8 just be "fixed" with all this effort?

How is Backdrop differentiating itself from Drupal 8? How are they trying to be the same?

Are forks good or bad? How could Backdrop benefit Drupal, and how could it be damaging?

When is Backdrop going to be ready for production?

How is development happening and why would you be interested in participating?






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