Backdrop is Drupal 7. You know where it came from. Come see where it's headed.

Conference, Camp, or DUG: 
DrupalCamp Colorado, 2019
Aug 2nd, 2019

Backdrop CMS is now nearly 5 years old. Since its first release on Jan 15th, 2015, what has changed?

Is Backdrop substantially easier to use than the Drupal it was forked from? Is it more affordable to support? Are the apis you know and love, still stable and functioning as they were? Is the community growing and healthy, or better yet, is it thriving?

If you haven't been following along with all the improvements to the software or the growth of the community, this session will give you a good overview of where things are today. We'll cover all the major new features that were added in each on-time release, as well as point out when infrastructure and community tools were put into place.

A fork is the point where something divides into two parts, each with their own direction. Come see our new direction!






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