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Drupal Camp Twin Cities
May 19th, 2012

There are a lot of administrative interfaces in Drupal. Site architects have a hard time finding their way around, but imagine how it must feel for a lowly administrator who only wants to change some of their categories, or review submitted comments.

Have you heard your clients ask you questions like these:

"Where do I go to do that?"

"Is that section under structure or content?"

"Isn't this *all* configuration?"

If you said yes, then Total Control, is your answer.

This dashboard is not meant to be exactly what your site needs as it is. Instead, it's designed to be a starting-point that will get you 90 percent of the way there in no time flat. To get that last 10 percent, use the power of Views to override what's provided by default, add use the power of Panels to place the panes your administrators need to see on your dashboard.

Though the dashboard itself is handy, the real utility comes from the default page views included with Total Control. Using the Views Bulk Operations module, these pages attempt to replace the admin/content/node page that I've found so limiting for so long. You can perform all the operations that you could historically perform on your new admin/dashboard/content page, but with al the things you've always thought were missing (search, anyone?).

Come see how to make your site's dashboard useful, hear about what's new, and let's talk what's coming soon. Want to make your administrators happy? Give them Total Control, today!






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